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Optimal for workgroups and departments in any industry— especially in the legal, financial, healthcare, and government sectors—the DR-M260 scanner can assist with efficient records management and help reduce paperwork in paper-intensive environments.



Capable of scanning up to 60 pages per minute*—both sides in a single pass— with the capacity to hold up to 80 sheets in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), the DR-M260 scanner can quickly capture and convert paper-based documents into useable digital information. This scanner can reliably handle an assortment of document types, such as thick, thin, even oversized documents and plastic embossed cards. For an added benefit, optional carrier sheets allow passports with IC chips as well as fragile documents to be scanned through the ADF without corrupting the original documents. The DR-M260 scanner is equipped with an onboard image processing CPU, making fast, high-quality scanning possible without depending on PC performance. To help prevent paper jams and damage to documents, paper feeding and eject sensors are incorporated to minimize document mishaps. The scanner also incorporates left and right feeding rollers that revolve independently to help prevent skewed feeding when different size documents are scanned together.



The DR-M260 scanner was designed with an accessible Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel for user convenience, allowing one to create up to 99 customizable, pre-programmed scan tasks, useful for frequently used scanning modes and output destinations. Scanning status and count can also be reviewed on the LCD panel. For easy maintenance, notifications for errors and roller replacement will appear on the LCD, allowing administrators to tackle any problems before they occur.



The DR-M260 scanner is bundled with a suite of convenient software to help widen the scope of capture and output capabilities. Canon CapturePerfect and Kofax Virtual ReScan (VRS) help to increase the overall quality of documents scanned. Canon CaptureOnTouch V4 can assist with effortless document organization, with files sorted and saved into existing folders as well as automatically creating new folders. In addition, scanned originals can be divided into single files based on bar codes** and counters in addition to blank paper. File names can also be set using text scanned from the document or text that’s already configured. The DR-M260 also includes ISIS/TWAIN drivers, which eases integration with third-party capture or content management systems. These features provide the necessary means for a user to convert business information with ease.


The imageFORMULA DR-M260’s compact, robust and reliable design is focused on saving space. Weighing in at only 3.6kg, the device can be moved easily and sat on a desk, counter or any area with limited space meaning that high quality document capture can be implemented in businesses or departments where space is at a premium.


A newly developed DR processor from Canon delivers improved image processing and quality without the need to rely on the performance of a stand-alone PC. This in-built performance means that all users can take advantage of the device’s speed and reliability.

The on-board DR processor also supports innovative new image processing technology that can deliver consistently superb images particularly suitable for Optical Character Recognition


The majority of the high scan processing power encompassed in the device is achieved via an on-board processor enabling colour scanning speeds of 60ppm, combined with a quiet but dependable Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) capable of handling 80 sheets of paper

Canon DR-M260 Document Scanner

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