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  • CX30 IJ Scanners
  • CX30 IJ UV Scanners


The CheXpress CX30 was designed for remote deposit applications for small business and merchant usage, but also for use in lower volume teller applications. While continuing Digital Check s track record of the highest image quality, MICR accuracy, and dependability found in every other DCC scanner, the CX30 brings all of those features in a more affordable offering for the business processing lower check volumes. Ideal for low volume application (less than 200 checks per day), the CX30 has the durability to process thousands of checks per day as well.

Chexpress CX30

  • CX30 Scanner Dimensions

    Height: 7 

    Depth: 4 

    Length: 9.5 

    Weight: 3.5 lbs.

    Paper Size: Up to UNI A6

    Document Height: 2.12  4.17  (54 106mm)

    Document Length: 3.19  8.97  (80 228mm)

    Document Weight: 16 120 lb. bond (60-500 grams/sq. meters) (.09-.15mm thick)(.0035-.0059in thick)

    Pass Through Mode: (.23mm thick)(.0090in thick)

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