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Portable and versatile – with the SmartLF scanner the possibilities are endless

Use the SmartLF scanner as a shared resource.  You are not limited to a single computer, or even a single printer; your entire team can access Smartlf Scan! through your corporate network. Because it is a “cloud scanner” you can make alterations or modifications on the go and share easily with members of your project team. Scan from anywhere. Experience the liberty a true multifunction scanner gives you. Save your scans in standard PDF, JPG and TIF file formats.

  • Store – when you are on site, save your scans to the internal memory (6GB or 8 scans) and transfer to PC, USB or network later – no PC needed.
  • Send – save scans directly to your PC where ever you are. Or send to network and share scans immediately.
  • Print – print to scale via any Windows printer.


DocLogic – included optimal quality and file size
DocLogic is an intelligent image optimization system. It automatically sets the DPI on your documents or photos according to the physical size of the document or photo, to maximize image quality and reduce file size.


rainforest365 app – securely scan and share in one easy step
Adding rainforest365 to your SmartLF takes personalization, collaboration and ease of use to the next level by making scanning from your wide format scanner simple.
rainforest365 enables you to view your scans on your iPhone or iPad and then send or save on your preferred cloud destination.
rainforest365 is available on App Store and Google Play.


“Outstanding and Revolutionary”
Colortrac was the first large format manufacturer to receive 4.5 stars and a rating of “Outstanding” from Bertl (Business Equipment Research & Test Laboratories) for both camera and sensor scanners. And The CAD User Magazine has called the SmartLF “Revolutionary in its portability AND versatility”.

The SmartLF spans from cloud scanner to construction scanner. It gives you value for money and a quick ROI, as it will optimize the way you and your team works.

The SmartLF scanner : scan, view, edit, share, print – quickly and with very little effort.

Colortrac SmartLf Scan Portable Scanner

SKU: Smartlf Scan Portable
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